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Mingloo International brings you an exclusive collection of replica weapons and armors of the bygone era. Each product here is a high quality authentic replica, as historically accurate as possible, maintaining their distinct features, perfect dimensions as close to the original. All products are made by highly experienced and dedicated craftsmen using the age-old techniques. We are an Authorized Resellers for Deepeeka in the US and carry a beautifully hand carved collection of historical reproductions that witnessed various battles that won and lost many empires. Derived from an in-depth study of the originals lying with the private collectors, curators and antique dwellers; the collection not only signifies protection of ideals and culture but also portrays courage, demonstrates strength, manhood, pride, victory and freedom. Technically upgraded, by combining traditional patterns with modern materials to match the legacy of the original masterpieces.

If you are unable to find the product you are looking for, Kindly Submit us the query and well be happy to get the product shipped to your doorsteps. Or Call us at 877-MINGLOO to inquire about the products.

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"The gladiator helmet I purchased from Mingloo is of excellent historical accuracy and is very well made, at a very good pice. India is known for very good metal craftsman and is demonstrated with this product. If used by a re-enactor, the helmet will require some self installed padding(foam)and more than likely a strap to run under the chin to hold it in place better. It came supplied with a cotton quilted arming cap at no cost...but will still require some foam padding for a good fit. Deepak Bhasin was a pleasure to work with and I look forward to giving him future business.
- Lee Werling Lowell, MA